Coming from a strong military background, Susan understands issues that affect veterans. Her dad, John J. Kilbane, Sr., was in the army air corps. Her son, Matthew did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her daughter-in-law, Jaime, received a purple-heart for her service in Iraq. We need to support veterans and their families by increasing access to mental health services and other programs for  military families.


Susan believes that government needs to act to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all Nebraskans. This includes upholding the will of the voters by implementing the recently passed medicaid expansion. Susan will also strive to expand access to mental health care, work to stabilize our nursing homes, and make sure our most vulnerable citizens are receiving the services they need.  

Strong Schools

As a former teacher, Susan knows that a quality education is vital for all children, including working families that hope to climb the economic ladder. That’s why Susan supports access to early childhood education. She believes in making sure that all Nebraska students are prepared to compete for jobs that last through the 21st  century, whether they choose to pursue a college degree or skilled labor careers. In addition, Susan knows that we must find ways to decrease the burden on local property taxes to fund schools, without sacrificing the quality that Nebraska families deserve and expect. 


Susan knows that for economic development to thrive in Nebraska, we need to shape our laws and policies to attract high paying jobs to both the Bellevue and Offutt communities and to the state. We need to make sure we keep our best and brightest people in the state and attract new workers with skills to fit our job market. We must also address workforce-housing shortages that the Chamber of Commerce recognizes as a barrier to future growth. Susan will work with local and state leaders to support existing businesses and promote economic development projects to add new jobs.

Tax Relief

As a property owner, Susan knows how rising property taxes hurts businesses and families. The state government does not levy property taxes. But, in order to address property tax relief, the State of Nebraska, which ranks 49th in state aid to public schools, must find new ways to fund education. Susan will work to find creative solutions to fund education and look to cut wasteful spending at all levels of government.

Your Priorities! 

Susan knows government works best when elected officials represent the people’s wishes. She will work for measures that improve the landscape for all Nebraskans. Susan will listen to the ideas and concerns of all voters as we create a great future in Nebraska!

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